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If you're looking to get fit, learn to swim, improve your swimming times, compete, or just join a fun club, then DSW is just for you! DSW is open to everyone and we're LGBT friendly!

Club membership is $30 per year and it can be paid electronically. Payment can be made directly into the DSW account: 38-9011-0768307-01 (indicate your name and "subs" in the reference fields). Our membership fees help keep our club running, and they let us put on some great parties!

To attend the club you need to pay regular pool entry, and then pay the session fee if the session is coached.   Each session costs $7, and can be paid in cash to one of the committee members (Richard or Frank), or by internet banking to the DSW account.
Alternatively, most people buy a 10 trip ticket, which costs $65.  These can be bought from Richard or Frank as well.

Community Service Card holders have reduced coached session fees ($2 per session, or $20 for a 10 trip card.)

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What to expect

If you're coming to your first DSW session here's what to do and what to expect:

Coached swims
1. Just bring your togs and a pair of goggles
2. Pay pool entry like any pool user, get changed and come out to the poolside
3. Find us in the pool!  Many of the club's members wear black togs with the orange DSW logo: so we're easy to find.
4. Say hi to Casey our coach, and jump in!  there are two lanes - one slightly faster and one slightly slower, so you can find the right speed for you.  You don't have to be an expert to swim with us!  All abilities, speeds and styles are welcome. 
5. Introduce yourself to others, and we'll introduce ourselves to you too.  It's always nice to see new people!
6. During the one hour session, Casey will give us instructions: we usually swim short sets of 2-12 lengths, with a variety of strokes and exercises, and then short rests in between where everyone catches up ready to start the next set together.  Sometimes we use pool buoys or kickboards.  If you don't know how to do something just say so, Casey can help you find a way to do every exercise.  Take a rest if you need it.
7. At the end of the session, have a chat to Casey and other club members to see how you found it all.  If you haven't already paid for the session, give the session fee to one of the club committee members, or buy a 10 trip ticket, or remember to pay by internet banking once you get the chance.
8. Sometimes club members go out informally to get food or a drink after a session.
9. Come back next time!!
Sunday informal swims
Attendance at Sunday swims is hugely variable!  Sometimes there may be one or two or no swimmers, and at other times 7 or 8.   We just swim in a public lane, with lots of chatting in between lengths!  Some people will decide to swim some sets from the coached sessions, others will just do a few lengths at their own pace.
A nice way to finish the Sunday swim is to go to the sauna at the far end of the pool at Freyberg.  You need to buy a sauna entry wristband from the front desk to do this. It's a nice way to get to know other club members as we relax in the heat after a swim.